Wednesday, March 31, 2010


ok well i have just noticed this but i think the markings on the myth school is a dragon and this is proof there is a mooshu or ancient dragon ok now this is a quick post because it reguarding

Ok new segment

ok i have decided i would entertain you guys by putting a new segment on my site i thought it would be cool to have this. so i will be posting differant pictures here and there and you will leave comments on whats wrong with them.ok we'll name it (Spot the differance) OK LETS START WITH THESE GOOD LUCK.

Cool Clips

so i was searching around the wizard101 homesite and saw these's cool saying's.So i thought what better way to show these off then to on my site.It doesn't matter what school you are there is one for you all enjoy these pictures leave comments on what you favorite ones be creative.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wow from what i understand from the new post from wizard101 homepage is that we will be having three new schools sun moon and star i think so what new spells do you think you might have also we wont lose our pets we simply have to raise new ones and hatch them from weakling needing help to epic heros speeking of epic wizard101 is proud to announce that the new spells for lvl 58 will be coming and that they are sorry that they didnt expand for the lvl 60 sooner when grizzleheim came out but because of grizzleheim's low xp you would get any father then lvl 54 enjoy these pictures

Monday, March 15, 2010

i want this reagent lolz get back here
you are part of my quest come back and fight like a krok

wait i bought you fair and square dont leave me
here were funny picture i thought i might as well post for grinns and giggles lolz enjoy
(Q).I have a question reguarding that lantern question a while ago i think i figured it out kinda th lantern opens a portal out in the middle of the spirit world as shown below.

(A). That is cool but the question is if it is interactive or not it maybe there for just show or it maybe a secret boss it depends or maybe the gate way to celestia lolz idk i am just assuming now well i am going to find this out sooner or later.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

(Q). hey king spiral i have a question about the myth school if you look at the boarder of the myth school and tower it looks like a gold dragon but i cant seem to find a head of this dragon al- so if this is a dragon would it also be a card all i know is there is that fire dragon card for a lvl 48 fire and i think orthrus is the two headed dog for myth that means there is no myth dragon what does this mean i am confused jason goldspear
(A). o wow i havent noticed that before lol ok let me see here it does resemble a dragon and i think in cyclops lane their is a myth gold dragon now that i think about it i will go through wizard city and snoop up the awnser to this question i will post my findings in the following post.

The day has come

I am sorry i havent posted in a while but i got to say i have been more busy the a zookeeper taking care of twin elephants by himself lol well i am not as busy anymore ad should be posting more often ok thank you and keep posting
(Q). hey spiral king i bought a lvl 40 fire henchmen the other day and when he got to for pips he used this awesome spell can players get this card to or just henchmen.
(A). yup it's a cool card all right but i think its a henchmen only card it woud be cool to have it and if i find a treasure card version of this is will most likely post it for you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

(Q).Hey the spiral king i was wondering if their is actual card of this statue its kinda weird to have a statue with out a card compared to all the others that are based on their own cards is their Duncan Spirtfire
(A).um well i am well assure their is no card of this their is a lot of other clothes named after this i will check in on this for you.