Thursday, February 25, 2010

(Q).hey and all hale the king of the spiral lolz jk i just finished the tree of life and on my way out of fighting death oni something caught my eye it was a fire lit in one obilisk is that a secret boss or something i know that their are several secret bosses in the tree of life is it or is it not.

(A).ooohh smiles and cracks neck thats a great question i have been asking myself the same question for some time but i never got around to finding out ok we know that their is several bosses in the tree of life including youkai other words know as the pesky imp he drops a good loot including the minotaur pet and a lot of rare school clothes he is found at the end of the tree of life
as you can see i had a map made for you guys youkai is in the far dojo out by oakheart.but akuji is located by the stumped wizard it is unknown if the dojo that has a question mark is a secret boss who knows i will ask the friendly necromancer.

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